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Flip SlideHD Giveaway

In Giveaways on May 4, 2010 at 8:58 am

The good people who make Flip video cameras have offered to let me give away one of their new SlideHD cameras for Mother’s Day.

To get in the running you just need to leave a comment on this post about your mom. I don’t care if she was the biggest bitch in the world or turned you into an Eagle Scout with the magic of her homemade chocolate chip cookies, just tell us the first thing that pops into your head when you think about her.

Please just enter once, as multiple entries will be deleted. Comments must contain a valid e-mail address. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9, 2010 at noon Pacific time. No purchase necessary! Void where prohibited! Etc.!

Thanks for participating because no matter what, we really want to hear about your mom.

UPDATE: The winner of the camera, per, is AmandaC! Congratulations, Amanda, and happy Mother’s Day.

  1. When I think of my mom, I think of a survivor. Not because of a breast cancer battle or anything (she’s never had breast cancer). She’s just been through so much in her life and is going through her second divorce right now. She’s been a strong and independent example for me, and she when she screws up, she admits it. Anyway, that’s the legacy my mom is leaving me.

    artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

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  3. I miss my mom. She was my best friend. She died over 13 years ago and I wish I she were here to meet my daughters.

  4. When I think of my mom, I think “busy” and “sacrifice”. We call her the whirling dervish. I’m exhausted after her visits because we try to be so productive. From giving me the best part of the fruit to the comfiest seat, she is more worried about my(and my children’s) comfort and happiness. She’s great and I love her but I want to teach her to take care of herself a little more too.

  5. My mom is funny, open-minded, and a little bit raunchy. Also, she got us a horse when I was 8, which was awesome (now she has about 10 of them). Plus she had her 4 kids over 16 years (I am 16 years older than my half-sister), which is pretty impressive.

  6. My mom is the everymom. She mothered most of my friends through adolescence and continues to keep in touch with them and smooch their children whenever she can. I love that she arranges her work week around when I need her, even if its just to watch my kids for an hour so I can get my eyebrows waxed. She is one of the funniest people I know and genuinely my best friend.

  7. When I think of my mom, I’m sad. She died 6 years ago this month and I never really felt that she liked me. Oh, I know she loved me but it felt more of an obligation love than a geniune daughter love. I do miss her but I miss what I know I’ll never have. She was however, a wonderful grandmother and for my kids sake I’m grateful

  8. My mom started suffering from depression during my senior year of high school. She missed out on a lot and I was angry about that for awhile, then angry about my parents getting divorced, but I’m starting to be able to stand her in short bursts that don’t involve any discussion about their (my parent’s) issues.

  9. I have only just recently realized that I need to give my mom a break. Although we are very close, I have lived in a constant state of irritation with her since I was a teenager. It’s a big relief to let that go for both our sakes.

  10. When I think of my mom, I think of bicycles and running shoes. She’s an amazing athlete, even after a total hip replacement.

  11. My mom and I were talking about my aging grandparents the other day and I told her that she is not allowed to die. Ever.

  12. I love my mom.


    She’s a hoarder. A could-be-televised, dangerous, unhealthy, mentally ill hoarder. Every time you went to your parents’ house and posted about how your dad saved too much stuff I soaked it up. You were finding these treasures and I know there are treasures my mother is saving but she’s drowning them in crap because emotional crap is drowning her.

    I love my mom but I can’t help her. I’ve tried. And it’s awful.

  13. My mom taught me how to knit, make margaritas, use hot rollers, and grow tomatoes. She’s an amazing lady, I love her!

  14. My mom hasn’t always made the best parenting choices, but she is the most fabulous grandmother in history. It makes me so happy to see her enjoy my children without all the expectations that she has/had for her own kids.

  15. My mom makes great chicken strips. (Really, that’s the first thing I that popped into my head.)

  16. My mom is like the backbone of our little family, you have a problem, she solves it, you have a question, she has the answer. I am not sure how we would get on without her.

  17. my mom was pretty unapproachable my whole life. raised a catholic, she is indeed every sense of the word: CATHOLIC. not only that but she’s the oldest of nine, who, shined far brighter than she ever could in her dad’s eyes. oh, she also told my dad once when he was pontificating on some philosophical tangent, “i don’t talk about stuff like that.” shut the poor guy up just like that.

    flash foward to her youngest of two daughters (me) attending undergrad as an adult student in SOCIAL WORK. the clinical, therapist kind. basically got my repressed sister to finally after almost 40 years to open up to my mom, get my dad thinking, AND my mom into therapy! of course she “got what i needed after only a few sessions!”

    bless her heart, my mom. she’s retiring and has so many grandiose thoughts on how to spend more time with her grandkids. neither my sister or i are holding our breath… but i love her, my mom. and have learned in my adult years to continue to be me and thank GAWD for unconditional love!

  18. I have two moms. My MOM adopted me when I was 6 weeks old – she is calm, stoic, the port you want in your storm. She gave up being a num because she wanted children more only to find out she couldn’t have any biologically.

    When I was 19, my OTHER mom found me and we have been friends ever since. She made an incredibly difficult choice 40+ years ago and I can never thank her enough for it.

  19. My mom can both make me laugh and make me crazy and comfort me and annoy me like no one else in the whole world. She has been through a lot of struggles and setbacks, but has come through it all a very loving and giving person. I am going to make her a grandma later this year, and she will be the best grandma in the history of grandmas, that is for sure.

  20. My mom is awesome! She is the one who introduced me to yarn and fabric crafts and we love to make things together.

  21. Gutsy audacity. She’s not afraid of much my mum, and her ability to bounce back from catastrophe with the unshakable tenacity of a cockroach is a) nothing short of amazing b) sadly appears to have skipped a generation.

    She’s also got a massive heart that nevertheless appears to hover permanently around self-blame and that unless she is doing everything, unless she is giving beyond the call of duty then she hasn’t done enough.

    She’s not perfect, and often much better able to perserve the dignity of strangers than of daughters, and we’ve had such a share of hard times, but what I’ve grown to appreciate more than anything else is that we go on. We endure.

  22. I’m proud of my mom. She’s awesome. She’s pursuing her master’s degree after years of wanting to do it, is always up for an adventure, is probably the goofiest person I know, and genuinely likes me and my brother for the adults we grew up to be. Sometimes I feel guilty that everyone else hasn’t had the opportunity to be my mother’s daughter. Fortunately, she’ll hang out with anyone any time, so come on over!

  23. My Mom is so talented. She has this gift of being crafty. She can sew and just figure things out. I wish I had that gift. I do take photos and she encourages me to keep it up. She uses my photos for her art projects.
    My Mom also has a great ability to evolve. She has changed so much throughout my life and has grown with my sister and I.
    She also can really push my buttons but only because she loves me.

  24. My mom is a very nice person and will keep at it with the nice until you want to strangle her due to all the niceness!

  25. My mother wasn’t very happy with how she looked and all of her life I heard her make comments about her weight,age, hair etc. All of these observations were not founded on fact but more on a general dissatisfaction. I think that this taught me to be more satisfied with things as they came along in my own life.
    Mom could make the most melt in your mouth apple pie I’ve ever eaten wish I could have learned how to do that.

  26. My mom is a crochet fanatic. She goes to conventions and has taught classes for both kids and adults. I love her fiercely, but my eyes tend to glaze over when she talks about yarn.

    thethelioness at yahoo dot com

  27. My mom loves to bake! My favorite are her chocolate chip cake brownies. mmm…

  28. I love my mom so much. She is an amazing Nana to my kids and so supportive and helpful to my husband and me. We live with in walking distance and I can’t imagine not having her in my daily life.

  29. A 21 year old newlywed in Sweden who didn’t speak the language, mom learned to knit because her mother-in-law taught her how. How could a girl from Texas ever truly become a Swedish wife if she did not know how to knit woolen winter socks? She was an artist. She loved to travel. She had an open mind. She was very sentimental. She had a lot of love. She was very creative. She wasn’t a very good cook though. She snorted through her nose when she laughed really hard. As a Swedish immigrant from the United States in 1964, she learned to speak Swedish, partly by reading the Willhem Moberg Emmigrant series. She was a talented seamstress. She was a professional beautician and trained to create fabulous beehive hairdos. She had a rebellious streak. After the divorce she became a disco dancing queen and dated Iranian and Turkish engineering students ten years her junior. She believed in education and was a stickler for proper grammar. And she was so much more than this.

  30. My mom is FIERCE. Apparently no one ever told her she couldn’t do something because she was a girl.

  31. I am so fortunate to have a talented, ambitious Mom!

  32. My mom is my best friend. She was a teacher when I was growing up. She taught at the school I went to. K-12 music. So. I had my mom as a teacher every week (sometimes more), of every year that I was in school. K-12. Some people gasp when they hear this, however, for some reason, it never bothered me.

    Going to college an hour away from where I grew up was the hardest thing I ever did.

    I never had a detention. I never skipped school – not even a single class. I could never hide a bad grade on a test, because the other teachers would just tell her in the hallway in passing.

    Somehow I ended up (somewhat) normal. And, if given the choice, I would do the entire thing over the exact same way.

  33. At two different times while I was growing up, I watched my mom take in teenagers from troubled homes and raise them as her own (in addition to my siblings and me!). It wasn’t always easy, and it has showed me not only how lucky I am to come from a family that loves, supports, and appreciates me, but also how important it is to open your home and your heart to the people who need them the most.

  34. I think of strength when I think of my mom. She is the strongest person I know and is always putting others before her (which is a downfall for her at times). I move across the country from her and miss her all the time. I wasn’t always nice to her growing up (teenage hormones!), but I love how our relationship has blossomed and she is truly one of my best friends. I only hope to have that kind of relationship with my kids!

  35. My mom is a steel magnolia. She is a good cook. She always has homemade desserts at her house. She also went to see James Brown when she was nine months pregnant with my older sister in the 60’s. I think that’s pretty awesome.

  36. My mom loves the casino. And especially winning at the casino. And she loves when I make the time to drive down south and join my family at the cowboy bar. And she especially loves when I have a beverage (or two) and stand up and sing at the jam session.

    Any time we’re out, I know we’re going to split something. And I can always narrow it down to two options, because we love almost all of the same things. She likes her prime rib at medium, though, where I like mine medium rare. Yes to the horseradish, yes to the jus, and when it comes to garlic mash or fries we always go with garlic mash, of course.

    Mom likes to hear me sing, and she loves my father very much though she isn’t as demonstrative about it as he is. She likes to camp and she loves our dogs and she went to 98% of my concerts and events when I was a kid – and there were a damn lot of them.

    My mom is very short. She hates when I wear tall boots because it means I can tuck her under my chin. I like to do that.

  37. My Mom always thinks the best about everyone at all times. When she lived in her first apartment with our Dad, she liked to take care of the sickly young man who lived below them who was always leaving in an ambulance. She would bake him cookies, make home made chicken soup and keep him company when he came back. I don’t know exactly when our Dad burst her bubble and let her in on the fact that he was a junky, not on dialysis. But it’s no wonder she raised a social worker, a teacher specializing in Autism and a civil servant.

  38. My mother loved me even when she couldn’t much like me (I had some prickly years), and I love her for that.

  39. My mom is an incredibly driven person. She was in school to become a teacher after an unhappy career while raising my sister and I. She knew exactly what she wanted, and she made it happen. Last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and is currently undergoing treatment for it. She’s treating it the same way she treated going back to school, with a determination to beat it.

  40. My Mom has great laughs. She has laughs for all occasions and is quick to put them to use. There’s the big, open-throated belly laugh, the hearty chuckle, the quiet “fhh shhh shhhh shhh” and so many more. She taught me that laughing is the best medicine. She hasn’t always had it easy and she has always found a way to laugh no matter what. I love my Mom so much. She’s an awesome lady.

  41. My mom has helped me so much with my own mothering. From being there for me in the days after I had my babies to helping me deal with a two year old’s tantrums and talking me through those really bad days. She’s always been there for me but I appreciate it that much more now that I am a mother myself.

  42. My mom’s creativity, enthusiasm, and empathy are inspiring to me. I love my mom and can’t wait for her to be an awesome Grandma to our baby girl – due in July.

  43. When I think about my mom, I think about how lucky I am to have someone in my corner no matter what. I didn’t realize how lucky I actually am until meeting people who don’t have that kind of relationship with their moms…I wish I had known how great my mom was when I was a teenager and you couldn’t convince me that she was doing anything other than inhibitting me. I know now that she was making sure I turned out okay.

  44. My mom hates her own body and taught me to hate mine. But over the years we’ve come to an understanding: I cannot change her, and she cannot change me.

  45. My Mom is my hero. She was a single mother to four (wild) children, she had no help, but somehow was able to spend tons of quality time with us. We never had much money, but we always went to the library, and we were “rich in books”. She instilled a deep love of knowledge to all of her children. She is an excellent hospice nurse, and an accomplished writer.
    She has truly taught me about unconditional love.
    I honestly want to be just like her.

  46. My mom is a crazy old uber feminist hippy. She was a massage therapist for 20 years, she is now a professional environmentalist in debt up to her eyeballs (at 57) because she went back to school and got her masters. She drives me crazy, and I always worry that I’m not living up to what she wanted. I’m more traditional, I got married, changed my name, work full time, have a kid in daycare, and I believe in time outs and good behavior at the dinner table.
    Though as much as I worry that I have let her down, I don’t give a damn. Best lesson she ever taught me really. It doesn’t matter what other people think, even if other people is your mom.

  47. Everyone thinks my mom is the nicest lady in the room… which is hilarious because she’s probably thinking you’re a little punk-ass and will tell us all about it when we get home. She also cracks herself up and taught her brother to cuss before he could spell.

  48. My mom spoiled me. Not with money or food or gifts, but with attention and effort. I had an assignment in middle school to put together a rock collection, and she drove me all over three counties while I looked for just the right geode or fossil or whatever. It was a damn good rock collection, and I was proud of it. Now that I’m a parent, I can more fully appreciate what a pain in the neck it was for her to do things like that for me, and she did them all the time, cheerfully. Whenever I think of those things I feel her love as strongly as ever, even though she’s been dead for over 40 years. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

  49. My Mom survived 20 years living with my Dad. For that alone she should have won some kind of medal.

  50. My mom shows her love through food, and I’m now noticing that I do the same thing. Good thing I got my dad’s metabolism!

  51. My mom was killed in a car accident in 1995 and I miss her every single day. She was my best friend and a wonderful Grandmother to my children. She was goofy and fun and lived a hard life.

  52. My mom had a hysterectomy yesterday. I adore her, and it was very…tense. But so far so good. Nothing malignant. Fibroids. I can’t wait to go visit her after work.

  53. Crazy, selfish, psycho bitch who will thrill many people upon her death.

  54. My mom inspired and continues to inspire me with her love of learning, of trying new things, her sense of adventure, her search for doing things the best way possible.

  55. Best Nana in the world to my two little girls and I can’t even say how awesome it is that she’s visiting from England for our first Mother’s Day together for nine whole years!!

  56. I am learning to let go of the more horrible things my mom has done and choosing to remember good things.

  57. My Mom is pretty awesome. She’s a friendly southern lady, uber-hostess, social butterfly. She and my dad have been traveling the last couple of years by boat but now they’ve decided to take a break from traveling and spend a couple of months at their beach house. How is that not traveling too? Whatever, it’s a good excuse for me to go to the beach and see my Momma for Mother’s Day!

  58. I just ran my first marathon on Sunday. My mom was my biggest cheerleader!

  59. I was almost due with my first child when my mom found a lump in her breast, and she kept it a secret from me because she didn’t want to worry me when I was days away from delivery. On the day that my son turned 7 days old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through almost a year of chemo and radiation and still was there for me with “new mommy” questions. Thank God, it’s now 13+ years later, and she is cancer free and is a fantastic grandmother to my two boys.

  60. My mom. She gave up a lot for her two daughters–too much! She stayed in an unhappy marriage. She listened to and met our desires and needs above hers, always. Now, she takes digital pictures. I never think of her being artistic or creative, but she is. She creates, and I love to see her do it. I love it for her and the joy and release it must bring her. And I love it for us. We are finally released from her charge and from carrying her life decisions as our own.
    Happy Mother’s Day, mom. xo

  61. My mom is the most unequivocally supportive person in my life! I love her dearly.

  62. My mom joined the police department in Dallas shortly after women were allowed to be patrol officers. I can’t imagine how difficult that was.
    What I remember most about it, though, was that she worked nights for many years and my brother and I were always in trouble for being rowdy and waking her up during the day when she was sleeping.

  63. Best chocolate chip cookie maker ever. No one can replicate her technique, even with the recipe and notes.

  64. My mom is a great grandmother to my son.

  65. I continue to be awed by how much of herself my mom gives to me and my brothers, even (and maybe especially) now that I’m a mother myself.

  66. When I think about my mom, what comes to mind is just doing it. She raised 6 kids and while as the last one I have my grievances over this an that, the woman raised 6 kids. I’m learning to have more grace with her as an adult just because of how taxing that was on her. I’m so grateful for all the experiences she gave me that I know were big sacrifices for her and my father. Kind of reminds me that I can get through anything as long as I put my mind to it.

  67. My mom bakes me pies for my birthday. If she doesn’t hear from me for three days, she thinks I’m dead. She’s too hard on herself. She loves me unconditionally. I love her and could never begin to repay her for the love and patience she has given me.

  68. My mom is my hero. Don’t ever tell her she can’t do something, because she will prove you wrong. I see her everyday, and I love it.

  69. The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of my mom is all the stuff she does for other people. She wants everyone around her to be happy and does everything in her power to make that happen. When we were kids she made the best Hallowe’en costumes (including one year making a fabulous Rainbow Brite wig out of countless balls of bright yellow yarn), and most Christmases she didn’t get to bed on Christmas Eve because she was working hard to make the next day one of special memories for us children. These days she’s still busy, taking care of both her mother and her mother-in-law, while filling up her spare time with several different volunteer positions. She just can’t rest until everyone is happy!

  70. When my brother and I were kids, we made up a game called ‘Woof’ which involved chasing each other around on our hands and knees. My mum took part enthusiastically when most adults would have just ignored us. She made up treasure hunts for us with clues hidden all around the house. And years later, when I came back from a long flight, she picked me up from the airport and drove me home. After she’d left, I opened the fridge and it was full of food she’d bought and unpacked for me.

  71. When I think of my mom, I try to remember what she was like…you, see…she was in a 18-wheeler vs passenger car accident several years ago. I know the body looks like my mom…her voice sounds like my mom and she still knows the stories of my youth, but she isn’t the mom I knew…in one split second, that mom was gone…never to be again. I have grieved, gotten pissed off…but that won’t change anything. I embrace the few times when just a glimpse of the old mom shines through…

  72. I have a crystal clear memory of my Mom pulling her VW Jetta across two lanes in order to stop jerky drivers from cutting in line during merging traffic. I was 12 at the time and had began the parents-are-lame stage. Her vigilante justice impressed me and started the realization that she was far more complicated that I knew.

  73. My mom can pretty much fix or do anything she set’s her mind to… its pretty impressive.

  74. My mom had 12 kids, I was number 10 and may have been overlooked for several years until I turned 16 then she called me a whore and thought I would follow in her footsteps and get knocked up several times. I didn’t, I knew how to say ‘no’ and use birth control. I was thinking about sending a Mother’s day card so i won’t have to call and actually talk to her. Yeah, I love her anyway.

  75. My mom is a total rock star. Other people say, “I’m turning into my mom,” as though it’s a terrible thing. I feel like if I could turn into her, that would be a-okay.

  76. My mom drives me completely and totally insane, but, BUT, now that I’m a grown-up, I totally get it about the Thank You notes.

  77. My mom is the best mom to have when you’re sick. I remember being kind of glad when I had to stay home from school because I got special food and to sleep on the couch.

    She still is a great person to have around when you don’t feel good.

  78. My mom is learning to live on her own for the first time, since my dad died two weeks ago. She is strong and crabby right now. She refused to let us celebrate her birthday last week, but she calls me just to talk almost every day.

  79. I think about my mom and it bums me out. She had a really tough time being a single parent with little education trying to provide a life for me. She worked all throughout my childhood so we could have a roof over our heads and dinner on the table. She worked full time and put herself through nursing school so she could make more than minimum wage. She was never around and I don’t know her at all but she did what she thought was best.

  80. My mother is the sort of woman who is constantly mothering. When I was little, it wasn’t uncommon to come home and find her helping a friend with his homework (she’s also a teacher) and as I’ve grown, it’s not uncommon to hear that she’s had dinner with my best friend. She is a second mother to many, a preferred mother to a few, but for me – she’s always been number one. and I’ve always been HER number one!

  81. My mom is all-around fabulous and makes me laugh as few other people do.

  82. My mom sees the best in people, always.

  83. When I think of my mom, I think of gardening and England and making do with what you have. I also think about how much I love her.

  84. Independent. She’s really become self sufficient since my parents got divorced, and she never lets being alone keep her from achieving her dreams.

  85. Since I’ve had kids, I appreciate my mom so much. Not just because she’s the best babysitter, but because I can understand better what she did for us and what a wonderful person she is.

  86. The one and only time I’ve heard my mother curse was when she was describing the Baroness in The Sound of Music. That and she works harder than anyone I know.

  87. When Mom kew she was dying she spent her last breaths naming her friends. “I love, love love Sherry.” “I love love love Donna.”

  88. My mom would do anything to protect her family.

  89. When I was rather young, my mom taught me the Philip Larkin poem This Be The Verse, which begins, “They fuck you up, your mum and dad/They do not mean to but they do…” I like to think it was her way of preemptively apologizing for any mistakes she might make down the road.

  90. My mom is a walking oxymoron. She is very east coast in some ways, you can tell that is where she was raised. She cares very much about etiquette and respect and has very strong opinions about everything. Except her appearance. In that way, she has completely assimilated into Colorado mountain living. Flannel shirts and yoga pants EVERY DAY now. It’s so funny to have her lecture me (I’m in my thirties!) about sitting up straight when her socks don’t even match anymore.

  91. My mom was always there for me. She stayed at home with us when we were going up, and there was never a day she wasn’t there when we got home from school. When I was a teen and crying about one thing or another she would calmly make me tea and toast, her instant relaxation recipe. Now that I am grown with a child of my own she answers the phone in the middle of the night when I am scared because my son’s fever is 103 and rising. My mom is the rock that steadied me as I grew into the person I am today. I love her so much and now that I have a child of my own I understand her more than ever before.

  92. My mom is trying really hard to make-up for how things were in the past. She spent last Saturday cooking for my sister’s jack and jill, which was pretty great.

  93. my mom stopped talking to me for 6 months (encompassing the holidays) because I live next door and I told her that the noise coming from their yard made me want to move….

  94. I always recall these grainy black and white photos of my mom playing with me when I was a kid….Lots of pix of us doing puzzles, playing CandyLand, etc….It reminds me what a good mom she was (and is).

  95. My Mom is a foodie obsessive with dominant chocolate, coffee and bread passions. Lots of control and fear issues, but a wonderful mom none the less.

  96. My mom is my biggest inspiration. I think I’m lucky to have such a great mother so I don’t have to rely on celebrities for my heroism.

  97. I spent a lot of time trying to be certain that I would not grow up to be my mom. In fact, I perhaps went too far the other way (from OCD to slob). As I swing back to the middle, I value her more but still think she should loosen up: it’s a nice world out there.

  98. My mom is a walking, talking worst-case-scenario handbook. She holds a mean grudge if anyone wrongs her family. She passed on her intense love of sugar to her children and her grandchildren. She’s super-funny and I hope I grow up to be just like her.

  99. My mom is awesome and I wish I could be more like her, but I am never, EVER going to sew!!

  100. My mom is a huge Swedish farmer woman who taught me how to cook from scratch, gave me her red hair and taught me that even when you’re not a 6 foot tall woman you can still scare people when you stand up for yourself.

    patricia.lightfoot at gmail dot com

  101. My mom isn’t the brightest, or the most accomplished or the prettiest (except maybe according to my dad). She didn’t always understand, and sometimes she wasn’t even there. But I am bright, and independent and capable because of her, because of the person she was and the person she wasn’t. And looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

  102. My Mom and I get along great….now that I live 500 miles away.

  103. I love my mom (uh huh), my mom is cool (uh huh). But now it’s time for having fun in school! (ha ha!)
    Sorry, we’ve been watching a lot of Sid the Science Kid around here.

    My Mom managed took in 38 foster kids over 13 years while raising her own two kids, all without ever letting the stress of layoffs and other money worries affect us. She was pretty good. Thanks, Mom!

  104. She’s still surprised that I can cook, which somehow bothers me more than any other issue. She TAUGHT me to cook, but just because I wasn’t really interested in cooking until I got my own place (and no longer had great chefs making dinner every night), she assumed I couldn’t cook and to this day expresses her surprise that I’m able to boil water.

  105. My mom gives the absolute best hugs ever.

  106. My mom has taught me how to be suzy-homemaker. Our house was always full of guests, baked goods and more. I can only hope it’ll rub off on my girls. 🙂

  107. My mom is a fighter. She has had to contend with much in her time, but has always come out on top.

  108. My mom. . . my mom. . . taught me many of my toughest life lessons.

  109. My mother makes Job look like a temperamental brat. I have never known any one with more patience. My father has Alzheimer’s and for the past few years she has lived with a man who says the same 2 to 3 sentences over and over again all day long. She truely is an inspiration.

  110. When I was little, my Mom used to read me “There’s a Monster at the End of This Book,” featuring Grover (the muppet). She does the best Grover voice this side of Frank Oz.

  111. I have the best mom in the world! Every day I aspire to be more like her.She is kind, loving, giving, smart….I could just go on. I love her.

  112. Up at the lake. 1973. She’s in a pointy-breasted one-piece swimsuit, reclining on a plastic chaise, glistening with Coppertone. Big white sunglasses, cigarette trailing elegantly from one hand, Agatha Christie in the other. I come pelting down from the top of the hill in tears, hysterical.

    Me: “Mommy, mommy, mommy! A wasp bit me!!”

    Mom : “Oh yeah? Did you bite it back?”

    As one of the neighborhood kids once confided to me, in Grade 1: “My mom says your mom’s sarcastic.”

    What I love most about my mom is that I never run out of stories to tell about her.

  113. My mom was the best softball coach I ever had: tough, kind, and fair.

  114. I’m 30 years old now, but my mom still sends me Easter packages and Valentine’s Day candy.

  115. Well, morbidly the first thing I think of is that she’s dead. And the next thing that pops into my head is that she, who always wanted another little boy, never met her five beautiful grandsons, two of whom I am lucky to call my own. But, I also think I’m happy to carry on her legacy of bleeding heart liberalism and loving lovely purses.

  116. My mom used to tell the kids in the neighborhood that she was the Wicked Witch of the West. The little girl who lived across the street came over one day and asked my mom to sign her autograph book. Mom signed, “With love, from the Wicked Witch of the West.” That clinched it for the kid, who was now convinced that Mom really was a witch. Why would you sign something with anything but your real name?

  117. My mom is 83 and is still living very independently. She is living her life exactly as she wants to. I admire that, and hope when I’m her age I will be able to be like her.

  118. Even though my mom was divorced from my dad when he suffered a debilitating stroke, she still served as his advocate and secured care for him, which was an amazing gift to their children, as we lived in different states and couldn’t be there as much as we wanted.

  119. My mom wasn’t an extraordinary mother by any means. She wasn’t particularly striking or naturally talented. Not much of a gourmet cook or fashionista either, I’m afraid. My toenails weren’t ever painted pretty like all the little girls you see today, and my hair was usually in a headband, or tucked behind my ears – but not always combed.

    She WAS incredibly patient, she could diffuse a 3-daughter-alarm scream-fest (usually) before the punches were thrown. Not always before my sister’s fingernails left gashes in my hands, but mostly before I hauled off and hit her back. She was creative beyond measure and shared bits of her creative genes with me. She loved us more than she loved herself at times, and sacrificed her wants and needs to suit ours or others.

    Her sacrifices and crazy genes led her to depression and a mid-life crisis that was so self-destructive it could have been the end of her life. All I wanted was my mom!

    With unconditional love and her tough spirit, she rose above the destruction that was wreaking havoc on her life, as well as her family’s lives. She chose life. She chose “grandma” over “junkie” and she is the best grandmother for my 2 daughters. Though maybe not extraordinary or drop-dead gorgeous, she is patient and kind with my girls and they love their grandma for the strong woman she is.

    I haven’t really ever talked with “strangers” about it, but it all just poured out when I got to the comment box.

  120. My mom instilled in me the importance of education and the importance to choose a path that will lead to personal happiness. I now have three college degrees and a job that I love.

  121. My mom did the best she could, but she should have had her vagina surgically sewn shut in 1985.

  122. My mom is hilarious and taught me the importance of keeping a hidden stash of chocolate. Also, that anything worth doing is worth doing well. And no one is ever too busy to laugh.

  123. Mom is warm, little, thoughtful, selfless, annoying, talkative, forgetful and an awesome Grandma.

  124. If ever I don’t know what to do about a problem, no matter how big or small, I can always trust my mother’s advice.

  125. My mom has been through some truly crappy stuff, but still has a sense of humor. She is feisty. She is generous. I pretty much come from a long line of strong women. I’m grateful for that.

  126. Hard for me to imagine a better Mother. She helps without criticizing, she listens without needing to fix everything. She understand the way I think the way no one else ever can. I look just like her, I sound just like her and I sure hope and I can be a mother like her.

  127. My mom is such a sweet, kind woman. She has such a gentle way about her and I love it and wish I could be like her. I didn’t like her much as a teen, but I sure love her like crazy now.

  128. My mom is one of the happiest and most down to earth people I know, and one of the best advice givers. And she always makes me feel like everything I have to say is really important, and that she is really interested in what I’m saying. I love that about her and it makes me want to be just like that when I have kids.

  129. I see my mom in my little girls. They laugh too loud, they thinking cleaning up a mess is as much fun as making it, and they lovelovelove so hard.

  130. My mom is intense. She is my biggest supporter and second biggest critic (right behind myself). Sometime she makes me cry, but usually I call her to stop the tears. People tell me I look JUST like her and I always take that as a compliment.

  131. mom = forever

  132. My mom is the best grandmother in the universe. I love and appreciate her more now than I ever thought I could. She’s my best friend.

  133. I look just like her, except taller. Somehow, I managed to get her haircut, too.

  134. When I was a little girl, I thought it was so funny when my mom would tell me, “When I am an old woman I am going to act crazy and wear silly clothes and say whatever I want to say.” She made good on that promise and is now a totally wacked old lady… not as funny as you would think!

  135. I always say that my mom is just like me except for better in every way. She’s a teacher, which is one HUGE reason why I am becoming a teacher.

  136. When I think of my mother I think of having someone who is always on my side. Unconditional love, strong hugs, willing ear and the wisdom to know when sitting in silence is so much better than problem-solving a feeling that can’t be wiped away, has no definitive answer. Soft but solid, aglow with her love for her children.

  137. Carol Burnett reminds me of my mother (the midwest accent and the face, not the funny). CB has a new memoir out now so I keep getting “Mom!” blips whenever I come across an ad. My mom is a dog trainer and I think she wishes people were as predictable as dogs.

  138. I love that she is absolutely loving being an amazing nana to our new little girl. I will never forget how much my grandma loved me and I know Sophia never will either!

  139. My mom was a public school teacher at an inner city high school for 32 years, but we lived in the country and grew snowpeas, strawberries, and pumpkins. My mom was a downhill ski instructor who never let my sister or I ski because it was “too dangerous”. My mom was a Roman Catholic Catechism teacher who swore like a sailor and tried to turn her 3rd grade students into socialists in an hour each Sunday. My mom played a tennis match against Billie Jean King once. My mom would kick your ass if you tried to mess with my sister or me. My mom is currently homeless.

  140. My mother is the middle of nine children and basically raised the younger four, cooking and cleaning for them until she left home at eighteen, met my dad at 22 and cooked and cleaned for him for thirty-two years until he died a couple years ago. Now she lives with me in my apartment and when we come home from work, we tell about our day and we re-enact different caricatures of our co-workers that we’ve created and we laugh our faces off. My mom is one of my best friends and she never thinks I’m anything less than funny, brilliant and tough – even if I don’t believe this all the time, I know SHE believes it so I’m always just trying to be that for her until I can be it for me full-time.

  141. at 25 (in 1965) my mom was a widow & single mother after my dad was shot down in Vietnam. she came to find out 2 years later that he was in fact alive and being held as a POW where he would stay for the next 5 1/2 years. through those 8 years apart she never gave up hope that one day they would be reunited and continue their lives together. which is exactly what has happened – 30+ years later with two more children (i am one of those – the product of a very happy reunion!) my parents are still happily married and enjoying their lives traveling the world (frequently to vietnam) and volunteering to help vietnamese refugees settle in the US.

  142. My mom taught me to respect all living things. After my daughter was born, she didn’t like to be on the grass. My mom was convinced that the baby didn’t want to step on the grass because it was a ‘living thing’ and she knew intuitively not to hurt it.

  143. My mom is so supportive and she cooks the BEST food/meals ever! Her pancakes are the best, mmmmm. I love you, mom! 😀

  144. My mom made me believe that I can do everything I want. She showed me how to be strong and fight for what I want. She still is the engine of our family that puts everyone in motion.

  145. My mom has been busy. My grandfather just died … I guess it was three weeks ago, and she’s been the point person for wrapping up his affairs. It’s a stressful, hectic, un-fun time for her, and so it’s been my task to help distract her from the sad parts as much as I can. Which I’ve taken on gladly. It’s not always easy — like Grandpa, she isn’t always forthcoming with how she feels or what she needs. But I keep on, because she’s my mom and I love her.

  146. My mum is a good person….who is getting old before her time. She seems determined to be a ‘professional geriatric’…. I love her but sometimes I just want to shake her and say ‘wake the *&%$ up and live your life….your not dead!’.

  147. I feel sad for my mom. Because she’s had so many serious issues, my sister and I have not communicated with her for… 7 years. Now that I have a daughter of my own I have a better idea of how hard that must be for her. (It is truly unfortunate that it is necessary). 😦

  148. My mom is the most normal person I know, which is, of course, totally abnormal. She raised me, her late in life 4th child, alone after my father died. She ran the house, maintained the yard and car, did her own taxes, etc., worked, went back to school for a master’s degree without blinking. She continues to walk miles, play volleyball and tennis well into the second half of her eighties.

    She doesn’t really understand people who don’t act in a nice, normal way at all times, but she understands that they are a part of life to accept. She can be very snarky about them, but only to her family — to everyone else she’s a sweet old lady. My mom makes most everything look easy and doable and enjoyable, even if it’s fun only because at some point you’ll be done doing it. Her grandchildren love her and she makes sure to feed them their favorite foods, saved pennies and coins for them when they were little and found that so exciting and sends cards and grandmotherly notes to them for every occasion.

    I hope to have half her energy and good sense!

  149. My mom was the mom that all my friends wished was their mom. They liked to come over after school and sit with her at the kitchen table and chat. She gave them advice and listened to them. I would sit in the living room and cringe while this happened.

  150. Like my mom, I am a single parent. I strive daily to be as giving and loving as she was to us when we were growing up. She was always present for my sisters and I, even as she worked full time and went to college in the evenings. She is what I aspire to be.

  151. My mom is one of the most intelligent, hard working people alive.

  152. My mom swears, throws amazing parties and knits really big sweaters. And she’s awesome.

  153. My mom is without a doubt the strongest woman I know…I hope that one day, when I become a mother, I can do half the job she did!

  154. My mom. Indulging me in my equestrian pursuits that I’d never be able to afford any other way (single mother, sole support of a strapping 15 year old). It’s a huge luxury that I’m grateful for every single day.

  155. I admire my mom’s creative problem solving and her strong sense of order. I wish I was more like her. She seems so self-confident.

  156. My mom was the most glamorous person I had ever known. When I was small, I remember my mother letting me play with her very best shoes, makeup, clothes, and jewelry. She had a drawer full of extravagant “cocktail” jewelry, a special box for her long-stranded pearls, a vanity tray with perfumes such as Joy and Chanel No 5, and the prettiest Chanel lipstick I had ever seen (deep, rich red with gold flecks); nothing was off-limits and I was obsessed with it all. I have countless pictures of me as a child in a slinky blue dress with rhinestone straps, silver strappy high heels, and a mink stole wrapped around my shoulders. In my mind I totally looked like a model that was ready for the catwalk. Now when I look back at those pictures, I cringe just a little bit because there I was….a little redhead with bright blue eye shadow, a dress that dragged on the floor, and little feet that only filled up one-third of those silver strappy shoes. That time with my mom helped form who I am today. I love shoes. I have a weakness for Chanel makeup. Most importantly, I truly know the value of making someone else feel special.

  157. When I think I my mom, I am very conflicted. I feel sad for the life she has chosen and chooses to live; I grieve my childhood; and I feel sorry for the heartbreak I now learned she must have had, as I have kids of my own. Ultimately I am happy that I have had the life I have had because it has lead me to the good, thankful place I am today.
    I wish my mom peace.

  158. I adore my mother. She did a much better job with me than I’m doing with my son.

  159. My Mom has always been supportive and encouraging. She believes in me no matter what and has stood by me at all times. Now she is my inspiration as I am soon going to be a Mom myself.

  160. My mom is an incredible force in my life. She helps me every day in many small and not-so-small ways.

  161. My mom was the type of mom who would bring you coffee in the shower. Appreciated, but a little embarrassing.

  162. Mum is my pillar. She just has infinite love in her heart and is always looking out for me. She is the best cook and has inspired me countless instances in my life.

  163. I am her mirror image and I am proud of this!

  164. I wish my mom was around to see my 5 kids. She would have been a great babysitter too. I cherish every memory I have of her.

  165. Oh, my mom… there is so much love there. I can’t imagine having a better mother, and am grateful every single day for all she has taught me. Having my own children makes me love her even more!

  166. My mom taught me to sew, the best cookie recipes ever, how to drive a stick shift, the best way to skip stones across the creek and to not take any shit from anybody. She’s hell on wheels and I’m proud to be her daughter. (even though she sometimes gets on my nerves.)

  167. My mom is beautiful, strong, compassionate, and giving. She instilled all these values in me deeply. There is rarely a day that goes by that someone says, “Your mom is so beautiful, and you look just like her!” I am very proud to be so much like her, and I strive to make her proud of me too.

  168. Mom’s signature quote: “Suck it up!”


  169. This is more a story about the coke-fueled ’80s than anything else. When I turned 30, we were all at a fancy dinner with my mom in attendance. I asked her what she did on her 30th birthday. She thought about it for a moment and then gasped. “Oh honey, I think we were out dancing at Limelight for most of the night and then me and Gary and Mark decided to drive to Palm Beach for the day.” Palm Beach, FL is a bit of a haul from Atlanta. I’m guessing they had chemical enhancers.

    Brief disclaimer: my mother and father divorced sometime in 1981. This event was circa 1984. My sister and I happened to be enjoying our joint custody at dad’s that weekend. Also, Gary and Mark were her two best gay friends that have since passed. I miss them like crazy.

  170. My mom was pretty wild in her twenties and wasn’t always there for us kids but after a lengthy stay in the hospital she settled down. She has spent most of time since then trying to make up for it. She has gone above and beyond to help us and anyone else who needs a helping hand.

  171. My Mother is tired. She is alos tireless. She is intrepid, fiersome and unrelenting. I love her so much that I am willing to step into her shoes. And these are some crabby, tight shoes. She’s not going to die, right? You promise?

  172. My mom loved my twin sister and I so much that when we went to college she bought four dogs to replace us. Now we have to talk to her and the dogs on the phone.

  173. My mom picks up things from the ground and interprets them as messages from the universe. She’s a little different.

  174. My mother is my best friend. I don’t tell her *everything* (because that would be kind of creepy), but we are incredibly close. I went through a very trying time a few years ago, and without the support and help of my mother, I don’t know if I would have gotten through it. I owe her literally everything, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to show her how much I appreciate her.

  175. My Mom is a bitter, raging alcoholic. Good times, good times.

  176. I miss my Mom — even though she could be the most annoying person in the history of the world. She died almost 4 yrs ago, right after my son was born, so at least she died knowing she was a grandmother (but she never did get to meet her next grandchild, my daughter born 2 yrs later). I constantly wish she were here to ask questions to about what i was like as a small child — i suspect there are great similarities in my own kids and I’d love to have someone to ask (my dad is gone too, alas).

  177. My mom just spent her first winter in Florida as a retired woman. She and my dad decided to sell their Midwest house and move there permanently. I am going to miss them so much. Now, instead of a 4 hour drive to see them, it is going to take me nearly 30 hours! Thankfully, my mom is coming to see me this weekend and I can’t wait.

  178. For all my mom’s faults, her decline was not unpleasant. Dementia made her easy to entertain and an easy conversationalist. You could talk on and on about anybody and anything and she would agree that she remembered them.

  179. My mom died five years ago. The first thoughts that spring to mind are memories of her walking, always briskly, tall and lean and a few feet ahead, fearless. She taught me independence and the deliciousness of solitude. I miss her, but I will be okay without her. She taught me how to do so.

  180. My mom and I talk on the phone nearly every day. She can’t knit or crochet, but she’s a genius and has read every book EVER.

  181. When I was a teenager, and my mother (who was about 5 inches shorter than I) would get REALLY REALLY mad at me, she’d stare up into my eyes, and her pupils would vibrate. Scared the fertilizer out of me.

  182. My mom made me a hot breakfast every morning before school. Every morning, first day of kindergarten through high school graduation I had scrambled eggs and toast or pancakes for breakfast.

    I didn’t really appreciate it at the time, but now that I’m a mother and I throw bowls of cold cereal in front of my kids every morning I get that she had to get up just a little earlier and plan her day just a little more carefully and I have one undeniable piece of evidence of how much she loved me!

  183. My mom is a hippy and lives in a city that wholeheartedly supports that personality/lifestyle. I moved away as soon as I could legally do so, but now that I’m an adult, I can see how it’d be a fine place to raise kids.

    She also love love LOVES her granddaughter (my daughter)… so much so that my brother and I are pretty sure she loves her more than she loved us. Yeah, yeah… I know. But seriously. Not that I have a problem with that. She’s a pretty lovable two year-old.

  184. I am the youngest in my family and with my sister being just 14 months older than me I always wanted to do the things she did, hang out with the friends she had. When I was 5 my sister had a friend over and I was told very clearly that I wasn’t invited to play with them. My mom found me shortly after in the backyard crying. When she heard what happened she said, “I’m your friend and I can play with you.” Then she spent the afternoon playing in the backyard with me. It is one of my fondest memories.

  185. My mom is always thoughtful and a good listener!

  186. My mom is the best mom!

  187. My Mom went to a hair salon every Friday to have her hair washed, put up in rollers and then teased into a helmet. After four brother and one sister with stick straight hair, I came along. Thick.Curly.Hair. I was her hair model until high school.

    I loved my Mom. She loved watching David Letterman’s morning show (yes, he had a morning show) I still have her vodka tonic palm tree encrusted tumblers that she used every evening for her cocktails.

    I’m am carrying on that tradition.

  188. My mother died eight years ago and since then I become closer to my mother-in-law – closer than I ever was to my mother.

  189. Where to start….

    I thought I was okay with whatever limited time I had with my mom (she has some serious health issues), but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer I was blindsided. I walked around in a fog for days, and felt unmoored. I’m not ready to lose her, but I don’t think I ever will be. All that silly talk I gave myself about treasuring the time I had was bs, just talk. Despite her limitations (and there are many), I can never have enough time.

  190. My mom used to always tell me that I have a big head and thin hair just like her (did not help my self-image) but whenever I was ill she would be an angel. I faked illnesses sometimes just to get more of the lovin….

  191. My mom broke her wrist going down her back steps on Easter Sunday. It made me realize that she is getting old…

  192. I freaking love my mom!

  193. When I think of my mother, the first thing that pops into my head was all the yelling that woman did. She had lungs like Ethel Merman. She could also swear like the proverbial longshoreman. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Quite a combination, that lung power and the vocabulary. Memorable.

  194. This is the first Mother’s Day that I am a mother too, and it makes me want to go back in time and pay a lot closer attention to my mom and how she raised me and my six siblings. Because seriously, how did she do it? I am overwhelmed with one! She had babies all naturally, mostly at home, baked bread, had a garden, cooked from scratch, homeschooled, and has the patience of a saint!

  195. my mom has curly hair that once was black that she now dyes black. sometimes I wonder what will happen when my hair is gray and hers is still black.

  196. My mom was a great mom to 4 kids. She’s a fun, wacky, and very strong woman!

  197. I would interview my 6 year old daughter and find out how many times she thinks she might bump her chin and open up her chin stitches (we are on the 2nd time in a week) It would be good for posterity.

  198. I love my mom, especially how she has the ability to break anything that plugs in just by walking past it. If I win this, it will be hidden from her.

  199. My mom lives 3,000 miles away and I talk on the phone with her daily. Yet the two words that popped into my head after reading this post…box wine.

  200. My mom has her issues. I wish I knew the root of her problems because their fruit is a lack of discipline, which goes hand-in-hand with recurrent depression. If she were disciplined, she’d be able to achieve so much (including dealing more effectively with the depression)!

  201. My mom has been dead for almost 24 years and looking at Mother’s Day cards STILL makes me cry! My mom could sew anything. She made my sister’s prom dress and her wedding dress. She made most of our clothes when we were little. She knitted and crocheted all sorts of things. She made ponchos for me and all 4 of my sisters. My friends grandkids are wearing them now.
    My mom was amazing and died WAY too young.

  202. Dragonlady. Because she was born in the year of the dragon and boy did she have a temper and a loud voice to go along with it. She’s mellowed a lot now and can be so goofy, but I’m probably still a teensy bit scared of her.

  203. My mom died almost 18 years ago, when I was ten. She was pretty amazing, and I miss her a lot. I have a really terrific stepmom that I love, and I’m a mom now too, but Mothers Day is still really hard.

    (I’m not sure if my email address is linked on my profile or not; it’s err_apparent @ Thanks for doing this, Mrs. Kennedy!)

  204. In my perception, my father shone with a brilliance that left my mother nearly invisible throughout my childhood. She made many attempts at an appearance: leading the girl scout troop, volunteering at my school, founding a new 4-H club for me to participate in. Somehow, though invisible, she taught me arts and crafts and how to sew clothes. During and after college, as I became aware of my father’s faults and my differences with him, her image began to emerge. Soon after, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and became a fully realized character in my story. Then Dad died and she turned into my best friend. It really is too bad she stayed in the shadows so long, but I am so grateful to have her present with me now.

  205. I went to my mom’s tap dance recital last weekend. She is 64.

  206. My mom smells good and loves me no matter what. I can’t say the latter about anyone else in the world, even my husband.

  207. My mum reads a lot of books, drinks a lot of champagne and hoots with laughter a lot. She’s the BEST.

  208. My mom and grandmother moved to the US from Germany when my mom was 12. She was raised above the family bar in Brooklyn. She was a “good girl” who worked hard and never gave my grandmother any trouble. When she was almost done her Master’s Degree she went with a girlfriend on spring to St. Thomas, VI. A month later she eloped with a local man who had a boat business there. It did not end well, but I have always admired the courage it must have taken to do something like that. After they divorced (shocker) she spent the next twenty years working, getting degrees, raising four kids- basically being a super mom. So I like to think my brother and I were her brief experiment with freedom– with doing something solely for herself.

  209. When I found myself a single mother and uneducated, my mom took me in and supported me while I finished college. When I found myself in a fantastic career, I took care of her by replacing her old clunker with a new car and helped pay her bills. When I got laid off, my mom took over her new car payments and slipped me money from time to time. I don’t deserve her…but am so happy she’s my mom.

  210. My mom was called the Dragon Lady by my high school friends, but never to her face. She was tough as nails back then – took no guff, gave no quarter, got the job done. When I look back on the jobs she got done, I’m astounded – and then I realize, I’m tough as nails, too, and I learned it from her. You know what? It works. And the best part is, now that I’m a mother, I can see her gentle side, and I try every day to let my kids see that side of me, too, so I never hear them whisper “Dragon Lady” behind my back.

  211. She is my inspiration. My mother serves as a perfect example of how not to be a mother, a wife, or a human being.

  212. One night, my mom came home drunk from a party, went to the basement and ate all the ice cream. The next day, she angrily demanded to know who had eaten all the ice cream. I love my Mom.

  213. My Mom is one of the kindest people I know…although as she has gotten older she has gotten really passive-aggressive! Love you Mom!

  214. Once, my mother and I were driving by Burger King, which had a huge inflatable Spongebob Squarepants sitting on top of it. “Oh, look,” she said, pointing it out. “Isn’t that Squarebob Stretchpants?”

    There’s a handful of times I remember laughing so hard, but that perfect, absurd moment is one of my favorites. Miss you, Mom.

  215. I’m pretty sure that I have the best mom ever. She truly is my best friend.

  216. Driving the requisite route home when I asked to go look for hookers!

  217. My Mom is a little bit amazing. She has two Masters degrees, the second one earned after having her 4th child. She does a million things and never stops moving. I always hated that she looked better in a bikini after 4 pregnancies than I did as a teenager.

  218. I worry about my mom because she will probably live to see her favorite child pass away. We try to make the most of every day.

  219. My mother passed away from cancer three years ago. We never understood each other and weren’t that close but still I miss her every day.

  220. Mom just told me to be sure to watch “Glee”.

  221. When I think about the woman I have become, and how happy I am with that person, I think of my mother, and know that so much of who I became is attributed to having her in my life.

  222. Mom died in 1992, very soon after being diagnosed with cancer. I miss her so much still. My daughter barely remembers her, my son has no memory of her at all. I wish/hope she can see how they’ve turned out.

  223. My mom will never give up hope that I will be a great writer (I’m not, just OK) or an Artist (I’m not, just pretty good). She did give up on me being a debutant/doctor’s wife/queen of the country club type, so that’s Ok too. And she stopped picking at my appearance when I told her I was no longer concernced with my looks and was now going for “inner beaty.”

  224. I miss my mom! She is living halfway accross the country. Now that I don’t have her so close I talk to her more often and think about all kinds of things I would love to do with her. Every Mother’s Day I think about how many things she said would happen already have. I can remember being an angsty teenager and thinking that I wanted to be nothing like her, now, I feel like I would be lucky to be half the woman she is. Love you Momma Bear!

  225. My mom and I are kind of not speaking and it’s killing me.

  226. My mom is the most patient, loving woman in the world–no matter what you need, she’s willing to drop what she’s doing to help you. She’s the best.

  227. Holy $hit, my mom is on facebook!

  228. My mom: funny, amazing, and always there for us. Even as a teenager I was able to talk to her about anything and get solid, honest advice. I hope I can do half as well with my daughter.

  229. A Haiku About My Mom:

    Flew two thousand miles
    to see us; now she’s making
    chicken parmesan

  230. My mom drives me crazy with her cheery morning phone calls and insistence on baby-talking at her dog. But she’s a rock, and a lot of fun, and has taught me all the most important of life’s lessons. Thanks, Mom!

  231. I love my mom. I don’t think I really appreciated who she is as a person until I had Finnegan. I know how hard it is to raise one with copious amounts of help from my husband, I don’t know how she raised two of us on her own. And she is still sane? Superwoman. That is who she is.

  232. My mom taught me how to walk twice, once as a baby and once at 12 after catastrophic spinal surgery. She was brave enough to save my life and mean enough to force me to live it, and this year I’ve gotten to watch as she saved her own. The fact that we’re best friends is almost secondary.

  233. My mom is dying. Slowly, steadily, cell by cell. This will be our last Mother’s Day as she is 2 months past her prognosis.

    I cannot think my life without her in it. And yet that will be what it is. A life of wanting just one more conversation with her.

  234. My mom is crazy.

    (Sorry, you said to write the first thing that came to our mind when we think of dear old mom.)

    I wish she would get help and I wish she could be well but I wouldn’t wish dealing with her on my worst enemy. It’s painful and frustrating and infuriating, and I don’t do it anymore. But, the experience has taught me what kind of a mother I want/don’t want to be to my son, and that’s instructive.

  235. My mom is my support and guidance. When I moved out at 18, I thought that I needed no one, and now that I’m 25 I couldn’t be happier that she’s such a big part of my life.

  236. My mom is my best friend, even though I tend to do a lot of things she doesn’t agree with. I could spend days on end hanging out with her. Sadly, she has to work so I only get a day a week or so.

  237. My mom gave birth to me. The end. (Actually she can be real fun, even tho of late she’s been giving me more headaches than usual.)

  238. My mom has survived cancer, twice. She’s also convinced that at any moment the sky is going to fall in, but when it does, she’s definitely going to have enough cinnamon in the cabinet to put on her oatmeal in the morning.

  239. we don’t get along and even though she thinks she is the only one bothered by this, she is wrong. i with i had a mother that was also my friend as much as she wishes she had a daughter that could be her best friend.

  240. I have a picture of my mom wearing a striped sweater, holding me when I am one day old. I now have that sweater and would love to be able to take a photo wearing it with my first baby someday (as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom). Maybe I can even take an HD video!

  241. The thing I love most about my mom is that she knows when to pull me into her arms and make me feel 5 years old, safe, and loved.

  242. My mom is a bit of a chatterbox but means well. She’s managed to walk again after a couple falls left her with a broken pelvis. I chuckle when I think about her racing around Costco with her new scooter, even though it also really saddens me.

  243. I refer to my mom as my Mini-Me. She looks just like me, but is half my size!

  244. My mom had multiple jobs, cooked delicious food, and kept the house organized and clean. I still don’t know how she did it.

  245. Well, I don’t want to cry, so I’ll just say I love her!

  246. My mom tried really, really hard to be the best, most perfect mom that ever existed.

  247. i love my mom so much. i am 42 years old and i still feel guilty for being so mean to her when i was 14. i’m sorry, mom.

  248. My mom’s a massage therapist…yet, I NEVER get a massage!
    She’s a good egg.

  249. My Mum is lovely. She can only cook two meals: egg and chips or cheesy baked potato. I got pretty sick of those two meals when I was younger, but they’re my absolute favourites now.

    She’s also really short. I just want to put her in a box, she’s so cute!

  250. I think of how generous my mother is with her time. Whenever I need her to help, or listen, or just be there, she finds the time and is right there.

  251. As a mother myself, I can truly say my mom walked on water. She successfully raised nine children who all graduated from college and never landed in jail.

  252. Yes mom, I did wash my hair today. Christmas carols, French spoken with an American accent, and making my kids P.W.P. (pee when possible) all remind me of my mom. Unfortunately we are still working on how to be friends as grownups.

  253. My mom is uh, well, it’s complicated.

  254. Here’s why my mom is such a great sport: She is from the Netherlands and despite being in the US for 35 years she still has a pronounced accent. My brother and I made fun of this accent at almost every opportunity (in a loving, very-annoying-kid sort of way) and she shrugged it off every time instead of killing us and hiding our bodies.
    She’s good people 🙂

  255. My favorite memory with my Mom was snuggling on the couch with her watching TV.

  256. My mother has never let me forget that the first year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner (at age 18), I left the gizzards and stuff INSIDE and cooked it like that! 30+ years later, she still just thinks that’s HILARIOUS…

  257. My mom is the best. The thing that first popped into my mind was how well she has taken care of me through every surgery (11 of them) I have had in my life. Even now that I’m an adult, she comes whenever I need her to. She’s great.

  258. my mom raised 5 girls and her head did not explode. as the mother of just 2 girls, i can attest to what an incredible feat this is. she approached everything in my childhood (and my sisters’childhoods) with gentleness and love and is the world’s most patient grandmother (she did have to wait until she was in her 70s until the first grandchild arrived). i love her with all my heart.

  259. She was CRAZY. When I was a teenager, I would sneak out & she would come find me, throw my beer in my face, and then drag me out of the bar by my hair and take me to the police station to “learn a real lesson”. She still drives me a little nuts, but she’s my mom! You’ve got to love your mom!

  260. My mom’s away right now for a few months, and I miss her. It’s not just that I miss her babysitting capabilities (and ooooohhhh how I miss her babysitting capabilities!) it’s more that I miss having her around to chat with on a regular basis. She’s a good friend to have around. I’m glad our lives have worked out so that we live in the same city and see each other regularly. I’m really lucky.

  261. First thought? My mom would do anything for me, and I have always known that.

  262. My mother and I have become MUCH closer since I have my own kids. I always knew she would do anything for me, but I am now sure she would do ANYthing for my kids. And they love her too!

  263. My mom drove me nuts in high school and now I talk to her every day, sometimes more than once. That knowledge is what I hope will carry me through the upcoming teen years with my 6 year old twin girls.

  264. My mom moved halfway across the US and it makes me feel like I am missing a piece of my heart when I think about her. MOVE BACK!

  265. My mom used to be a nurse and gave it up to raise her family. But she always, always volunteered at something. I don’t ever remember a time when she was not involved in some kind of volunteer activity – blood donor clinics, Meals on Wheels, the phone lines at the Distress Centre, Big Sisters, reading programs at the local elemetary school. Maybe that kind of role modeling is the reason I work at a non-profit social service organization.

  266. my mama is one of those people who has the amazing ability to let you know that she loves you just the very way that you are. she is strong and wise and she is so precious to so many people. i love her dearly.

  267. My mom will always make me my favorite dinner when I come for a visit, no matter how hot and unpleasant the kitchen is, and no matter how much I say it’s okay, we can do it another time.

  268. My mom is short, but she is expecting her next growth spurt any day now. Her laugh can be heard from a hundred yards away. She has 3,267 craft projects going on at any one time, and if you happen to compliment one of them she will inevitably ask how many she can put you down for. Once she dropped a case of pop off the stairs to kill a particularly large spider she didn’t want to walk near. She is the best Christmas cookie decorator in the world.

  269. My mom is my best friend and has been since I was a teen. I love being so close with her!

    Thanks for the chance!

  270. My mom was a wonderful role model both as a mother and as a working woman.
    I am pregnant with my first child and she just came for a brief visit to “see the bump”. She had three girls, and I just found out I’m expecting a boy— we’re both just like, “Whoa! What do you do with one of those?!”
    It is so hard to be so far away from her at this time, and i’m its just going to get harder once this baby comes. A video camera would be such a great way to share this baby’s life with her eventhough she’s far away.

  271. When I grow up, I’m going to be just like my Mom. And like her Mom (Nana). This pleases me because they are two of my favorite people in the whole world.

  272. If I had to base all of my maternal knowledge on what I learned from my mom, my daughter would be hosed. Thankfully I have a very wise and loving step-mother who deserves many hugs this Mothers Day.

  273. Mom… God Bless Her. She tries. And that counts for a lot.

  274. Miss my Mom. She abandoned myself and my 4 siblings 3 months after our dad died from a brain aneurysm. She committed suicide a year later.

  275. My mom is very complex. Unfortunately, the most prevalent characteristic about my mom these days is that’s she’s a hoarder. It’s so sad. I haven’t been up to the house in over three years (and we live 2.5 hours away). However, we see them every 6 weeks or so, at our place. I just wish the house situation were different. She’s also creative and fun-loving, very opinionated, and not afraid to be who she is. So there’s that. All good.

  276. My mom is the best mom. My parent’s divorced when I was 5, and I grew up thinking they were still good friends; she didn’t try to be my best friend when I needed a mom; she didn’t smother me; she’s fun; she’s why I love to read; she’s proud of all her kids and she lets us know; now that I’m an adult we have fun together. My only worry is that I won’t be as good at being a mom as she is.

  277. I still think of my Mom as pretty naive. I got away with so much when I was a teenager, and she never knew or guessed how bad I really was!

  278. My Mother lost her leg 8 years ago and is if not 100% then at least 75% responsible for teaching my daughter empathy and gentle honesty. Those percentages are SCIENCE (i swears it!)

    She also is still one of the most independant adventuresome women I know.

  279. My mom is a sad person. She’s lonely, and doesn’t understand that she has herself to blame: she drives people away. I still wish her well.

  280. My mom was the most caring and giving person I’ve ever met. She would help anyone, give of her time and effort. I thank god every day that she was able to be a grandmother for 12 years to my daughter. Mom died four years ago of pancreatic cancer – way too early. I miss her every minute of every day.

  281. No matter how cliche this is, everything good that I am, everything useful that I know, everything that matters, I learned from my mom.

  282. My mom gave her whole life to raise us. and her whole wardrobe.
    She is a know it all who i love and respect very much.

  283. My mom just died on Monday. I’m thinking about her a lot. She wasn’t really the mom I wanted and needed her to be, but I think she did the best she could.

  284. My mom took care of me and my daughter when I had the fight of my life with the dark side of depression. Thanks mom, without you I know I would not have made to today.

  285. I’m supposed to say she did her best…..

  286. My mom’s gotten crazier over the years, but I love the way she plays with my 2-year-old daughter, teaching her how to pretend and have tea parties… It heals a little bit of the hurt we’ve inflicted on each other over the years.

  287. My mom lost her job this year, due to funding cuts. She has started to sell Mary Kay and cross her fingers that something else will present itself. I keep my fingers crossed too, because she doesn’t need any more grief in her life!

  288. My mom was young when I was born — 19 — and I was definitely an “oops” baby. I know now, as an adult, that she must have had a really terrifying couple of years when I was a baby. My dad left her when she was 20 and she was forced to declare bankruptcy; she had to ask her own mother, a functional alcoholic, to come and live with us so she had someone to watch me. It was a decision that I now know must have been gut-wrenching for her to make, since she had wanted desperately to escape that life and then ended up having to live with my grandmother for another twelve years.

    Despite all of those hurdles, my mom was AWESOME. She managed to walk the difficult line between being my friend and being my parent with so much grace. My best childhood memories all involve her: standing on a chair at the stove, helping her flip pancakes for breakfast; playing basketball together on the little court at my elementary school; road trips to Washington D.C., New York City, the Outer Banks. I look back now at all the things we did and marvel. I’m 28, single and childless; at my age, she had a 9 year old daughter! We are still very close and I am so proud of who she is. I’ve never not hoped to be just like her.

  289. My Mom = quiet strength

  290. As I get older, I’m becoming my mom. And I love that. It started with an expression in the mirror and then a similar haircut (not on purpose, but my current cut resembles what she had). And now, as I’m waiting for my first child to be born, I’m consciously deciding how I can be the fun, funny, supportive, loving (and did I mention fun?) mom my mother was to me.

  291. My mom was and is completely wonderful! She would probably tell you that she was a miserable failure as a parent, but the only bad thing I can think of is that she raised me to believe that dessert is an absolute must every single day. And really, that isn’t so bad!

  292. My mom has insane amounts of energy, a super-organized mind, and fantastic muscular legs even though she’s in her 70’s now.

  293. I recently pawed through a box of my mom’s treasures. Included was my application to high school (I’m 36). She had a couple of drafts of the parent statement, but on each one was the same answer to the question “what do you want for your child?” Her answer: For my daughter to be happy and to like herself. On that she never wavered.

  294. My Mom was a great example for us as she raised four independent, generous, beautiful girls into four amazing women. Oh, and my dad helped, too.

  295. My mom has the best sense of humor and I know that no matter how bad I feel I can always call her and she will make me laugh!

  296. lovingly overbearing

  297. Best part: My mom would do anything she possibly could for my sister and I. Worst part: She’d somehow find away to keep reminding us about it. Sigh. I love her.

  298. i have been getting closer to my mom over the past ten years. in between minor arguments i now think that we have a pretty good relationship… she lives on another continent so i miss her a lot sometimes!

  299. my mother is my very best friend in the whole world.

  300. My Mom is love. She is my best friend. Mom is a great grandmother and wonderful great grandmother. Like I said, love.

  301. I inherited my horrible sense of humor from my mom.

  302. My mom… mentor, friend, amazing, ahead of the game, nice, thoughtful, loving, grandmother, mom, tolerent, Democrat, liberal, thoughtful, thought provoking, land owner, land lord, doer, a force, sweet, kind, and pretty much the only person who can get me to dow whatever she says.

  303. She is one of my favorite drinking buddies, despite the fact that she once tried to force me to drink scotch when I was eight years old. I’ve forgiven her for that. But I still can’t even smell scotch without retching.

    Here’s to you, Mom!

  304. My mom was able to encourage me and my friends to be creative and imaginative. She never pushed, interfered or required anything other than I just be myself. I think because of that I naturally did what I thought was best rather than what other expected of me. She is a great mom!

  305. I think about how hard it must have been for her to have 3 kids under the age of 5 by the time she was 21 and how–even though she was not perfect–she made a family even if that wasn’t what she wanted. She taught me that life isn’t something you can order up with substitutions–it is what you get and what you do with what you get.

  306. Sadly, somewhat estranged. Neither of us is quite sure how to get around the roadblock to the other side, but we are trying.

  307. My mom and I have very little in common, but we both learn from it. She is much more logical than I am, so when I am planning things I go to her for help. I have been able to teach her a lot about being eco-friendly. She now calls me when she makes a savvy recycling move.

  308. My mom says whatever comes into her head. Here’s a blog post about her from 2008:

    The state health foundation conducts a phone survey with my mom:

    Interviewer: Are you active?

    Mom: Just watching the grandkids. And ugh, they’re about to have another one.

    Interviewer: How often do you go to the doctor?

    Mom: I try to avoid it.

    Interviewer: When was the last time you went to the dentist?

    Mom: Uh, I don’t think Medicare covers that.

    Interviewer: When was the last time you had a pap smear?

    Mom: Well, you don’t have to have pap smears if you don’t have sex.

    Interviewer: You’re funny.

  309. My mom wrote a litany of cliched advice in the card she handed me at my university graduation. At the end she wrote, “Don’t tell me I never gave you any advice. Love, your mother.” I read it, looked up, and said, “Mom, almost four years ago, when I left for university, you said, ‘Don’t keep any promises you shouldn’t keep.’ It was great advice at the time, and continues to be good advice every day. What’s all this bullshit?”
    My dad almost shit his pants. My mom laughed.

  310. I love my mom, she’s my best friend, hero and the strongest woman I know. I hope I can grow into at least a fraction of the woman she is.

  311. My mom tells me the same things over and over again. That she edged the lawn with the new edger. That the roof guys came over to blow the maple seeds out of the gutters. That the neighborhood cat that stalks my mother slept on her porch last night. While some days it drives me bats, there’s a certain reassurance in the knowledge that I’m not going to miss knowing that she got her tomatoes transplanted into the garden or that the red fox was spotted chasing squirrels at 5am.

  312. Chocolate chip cookies. As simple and delicious as that.

  313. I’m 37 and my mom still picks out most of my best clothes. (whenever someone compliments me on something I’m wearing, it’s often something she bought me for Christmas or my birthday)

  314. I’m over 30 and still every night when it’s just the two of us, I’ll lay down on the couch with my head in her lap and fall asleep while she knits or reads.

  315. I inherited my mom’s hips.

    Fortunately, she also showed me that women are strong enough to do anything.

  316. I always knew my mother loved me. And the fact that she will never meet her grandchildren will never stop making me sad. I miss her everyday and after almost 15 years after he death would still give anything for even a phone call.

  317. My mom is only 17 years older than me. I think about how much of a doofy teenager she was when I was little, and how much of a stressed out worker and student she was when I was a teenager. I never thought we would make it, but we all survived, and now she is the greatest Nonnie to my kids, and an amazing friend and role model to me.

  318. The era: 1965.
    The scene: An Indiana diner just off the Crown Point town square where they jailed Dillinger only a few years before.
    Focus: A table with a silver juke box flip-selector on it.
    The players: A well-dressed mother and her little girl who just dropped in a dime or two, being glared at by a counterful of redneck old men.
    Overheard: “What the HELL?”
    Mother and daughter duck and giggle.

  319. I loved my mom very much. She died when I was 13 years old in a car accident.

  320. My mom has always encouraged me to be independent. It’s okay to be dependent too but she’s always encouraged me to try it on my own. It think that sums up perfectly what a mom can do.

    She supports me in almost everything I do (although we did have some moments when I was planning my wedding).

  321. I don’t know my mom. Mostly I remember that it felt like she was always making fun of me as she spoke to other people. That she really just liked being around my older brother. But, as sad as that sounds, she informs the way I mother every single day. My daughter knows something so different, and I don’t take any of it for granted.

  322. My momma is my best friend and a great glass of wine tastes even better if she’s drinking one beside me.

  323. I thought my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world until I saw Jessica Lange in “King Kong.”

  324. My mom is a wonderful woman, but man did we butt heads growing up. She and I are too much alike sometimes, but I also know now that she is one of my best friends. She’s out of the country for mother’s day, and it’s going to be a lonely holiday without her here.

  325. My mom gave me my love of reading. She bought me tons of books and always read to me. We share a love of books!

  326. My mom passed away four years ago and I miss her every day. She absolutely delighted in her grandchildren and I wish I could still share my daughters’ achievements with her – she’d be just as thrilled at hearing about First Day in High School as she was hearing about First Tooth. And my new little grandaughter would be the light of her life, as she is mine.

  327. not sure how she did it…but my mother raised two very independent and strong women (my sister, me). i think to ensure we didn’t end up in the situation she did. i’m very grateful.

  328. For a period of about 14 or 15 years, my mom was the bomb! She was a real mom, focused, honest, thoughtful, liked to have fun. Sure, she still had a temper, could at times be selfish or irrational, and was horrible with money, but she always kept a roof over our heads, and always kept going no matter how hard it got, which I think is as much as one can ask from a single mother. She worked hard, went to meetings, and worked really hard to be honest with herself and me as well. She stayed sober. She was my hero.

  329. My mother carries a six-pack of diet pepsi in her purse and is never without a cigarette. Cares very little for other people’s opinion of her. I remember as a pre-teen being very embarrassed about her outspokenness–casually flipping a bird to the people honking at us as she tried to maneuver our RV into the Jack-in-the-Box drive thru in our small town; standing in the absurdly long line at a grocery or department store with her as she exclaimed loudly, “I can’t believe I have to stand in line to give people my money.” But now I see them as miniature lessons in shameless truth-telling and self-confidence.

  330. My mom taught us to smuggle food into the movies. She called them goodies. I still do it. Sometimes she checked us out of school early or let us play hooky all day long so we could go shopping together. She lied to our father about how much she spent so that she could continue to get us pretty things. She always made sure that she spent exactly the same amount of money on me and my sister on Christmas and that our piles of stuff were about the same size because she didn’t want to play favorites. She let me lie to her when I needed to. We lost her over eight years ago and I still miss her desperately.

  331. I miss my mom – she was imperfect and human, but the best mom I could have asked for!

  332. Today my mom bought a peacock on craigslist. I wish I were kidding.

  333. My mom is accidentally hilarious. There is so much I could share.
    Like some of the crazy things she said and did at the nursing home where she worked. For example, the time she thought a woman was saying “I’m going to dine”. My mom patted her hand and told her, “Oh, yes they are coming to take you in just a minute.” Unfortunately, the poor thing was really saying, “I’m going to die”.
    Or I could tell you all about the time she went to Jazzercize and following the instructor’s direction to “tighten those cheeks” made Mom’s mouth really sore.
    Oh, and who could forget her love for ice cream? Once she told me that she ate a whole brick of it in the car on the 25 mile drive home from the store. When I told her, “Mom, you can’t do that!” She said, “Sure I can. I keep a spoon in my glove box.”
    My mom has left her purse on the top of the car and driven away at least a dozen times.
    She has picked up driftwood at the beach, only to discover it to be dog poop. But it was pretty dog poop.
    She has tried cleaning her glasses with furniture polish and then couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her eyes.

  334. I love my mom and appreciate all of the love and support she has given me over the years. I wish she would let herself be happy.

  335. My Mom survived an unhappy marriage, an ugly divorce and breast cancer. she can drive me crazy at times, but she’s one tough broad!

  336. My mom joined a French convent when she was sixteen years old. When I was sixteen, that fact totally freaked my shit out.

  337. My mom taught me to love nature. From a very early age she was talking to me about trees and plants; taking me on walks to identify birds, flowers and bugs. She taught me of the importance of taking care of the world around me.

  338. Best friend, without a single doubt or a moment’s hesitation (in fact, just got off the phone with her.)

  339. The first that comes into my head about my mom is that she’s too complex to describe. She put herself through college and law school. She loved having kids but sometimes I’m not sure she actually likes children.

  340. My mom made one critical remark about my parenting five years ago and has never made another one.

  341. By the time I was 12 my mom had been married five times, not counting boyfriends. Enough said.

  342. The older I get, the more I turn into my mother – and I think that’s OK. Actually, it’s pretty great. She’s smart, she’s fit, she’s beautiful – so what if we both walk like ducks!

  343. I just noticed the other day, my butt is looking more and more like my mother’s. Too bad I didn’t get her height to go along with it. Still love her though.

  344. My son has the same shape to his mouth as my mom. I watch them laugh together and it makes me realize that even after she’s gone (which I hope is not for a million years), I’ll be able to see her in my children. And thinking about that makes me cry, in a sad and happy way all at once.

  345. Hoping for a little luck. My mom starts chemo in a few days (hey, fun comment, huh?) and I’ll take the luck re: the chemo going smoothly over the free camera, but both would be nice. I’m now in it to win it.

  346. I wish my mom understood me more. I wish I understood her more. Maybe when I am not 25, it’ll be better.

  347. My mom has taught me that resilience and determination are the most important qualities to have.

  348. My mom doesn’t like me, doesn’t want to see me, has nothing to say to me. She recently visited my brother and sister for days at a time each and then ditched me at the hospital when I was having surgery and didn’t come back. I don’t have any idea what to do about that giant absence in my life except wish it didn’t matter to me.

  349. My mom is the Old Dutch Cleanser. She is the living embodiment of that advertisement. When she comes to visit, she cleans like a righteous storm unleashed on our household. We call her Hurricane Kathy.

  350. When I think about my mother I think about a woman who hopped on a plane to come take care of me when I hit bottom with my depression when I was in university. I didn’t ask her to come. She could tell by the sound of my voice that I was in trouble and needed her. I don’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t made that trip.

  351. sorry to say that the first thing that pops into my head is sadness.

  352. I already have two young children. I wish I didn’t have to parent her, too.

  353. I love my Mom. We’re just now learning to navigate through some kind of tough things, and I’m trying to figure out how to be a good daughter again. It’s been really tough, but I’m starting to see us come out the other side, which feels very good.

  354. We named our daughter Joni after my mom, Joan. We couldn’t think of a stronger woman! She has balanced family, work, and social activism her entire life and hasn’t slowed down a bit.

  355. I love my mom, but we were never that close. Now we live on separate continents, and I’d love to hear more from her, but she would never email and she’s never been good on the phone. It’s awkward. I hope she comes to visit soon. I hope I can get closer.

  356. with the exception of a good work ethic, she was everything i’ve tried not to be.

  357. She is my best friend, always has been and always will be.

  358. My mom is human. It’s taken me a long time to reach that conclusion.

  359. This is the first mother’s day my mom’s mom died. I’m so lucky I’m able to spend the weekend with her.

  360. My mom has just become a grandmother and loves it. I love that my kids will get to have a relationship with her without all the pressures she felt about her own daughters.

  361. My mom was and is a very skilled mother. She could really do it all, and she took under her wing every kid we were friends with. She’s now the ultimate grandmother — my kid likes her way better than he likes me!

  362. When I think of my mom, I think of the time a woman at a party was following her around and harassing her. She thought that my mother had stolen her boyfriend, and after being studiously ignored for a half hour or so she retreated to the other end of the room. Still angry she unbuttoned her pants and moved to actually moon my mom!

    Eagle-eyed as ever, my mother broke off the conversation she was having to very clearly and very loudly say “No one here wants to see your stupid pussy,” in an even, maybe even helpful voice. It was the first and last time I ever heard her use a nasty word, and it totally taught me how to stop a bully in their tracks.

    I love Moms!

  363. My mom is an SNL skit and she doesn’t even know it. She always gets sayings and adages wrong, “You can bring a horse to water but the straw might break its back.” My dad once took the whole family to a Huey Lewis concert in the early 80’s and when it started she very loudly stated, “He’s white? I thought he was black?” She farts when she wants to and has zero filter when it comes to oversharing (a trait I have unfortunately inherited).
    She’s amazing and if she weren’t my mom I’d still choose her to be my friend. Seriously.

  364. My Mom was awesome and slow to anger but when she did lose her temper she’d stay pissed off for DAYS. She had a tendency to worry too much. She was a very good writer. She has dementia now and it’s rather sad, but she is still a very sweet person and recognizes me. I’m glad I can still spend time with her.

  365. Last year was my first Mother’s Day without my mom. I found myself in a coffee shop not really thinking about Mother’s Day, but there was this little display of handmade earrings that caught my eye. Mom was a huge earring fan, and so I stood there, sniffling back tears, while the guy at the counter gave me weird looks. I bought a pair of green crystal earrings in honor of her, and a medium mocha with whip.

  366. My mom and I have matching snoopy tattoos on our ankles. I love her; she is awesome.

  367. My mom, though prone to anxiety and endlessly sentimental about her dogs, one of whom is quite silly, is nonetheless an exceedingly practical-minded and rational woman. There’s no one better able to dispel health-related or kid-related anxieties or talk you out of an existential funk. The matter-of-factness really helps. She took care of her own mom until
    the grave, literally. My grandma was 94 when she died and my mom spent the last 15 years of those 94 without straying far from the house except to go to work, never took a vacation, listened to hundreds of hours of sad monologue about grandma’s various pains (which were real). I hope to do right by my mom when she gets old, and think I have been, so far.

  368. I wish my mom was mentally well enough to want to see her grandchildren.

  369. Potty training… the greatest skill she ever taught me.

  370. Moms and daughters; It’s complicated. For years, I thought my relationship was with my mom was an exception to that rule. It’s not.

  371. When I think of my mom, I remember how being sick and dying slowly consumed her attention to the exclusion of all else, including my father. It is only now, 12 years later that I am reminded of who she was before the illness took her away from us.

  372. I miss her, oh how I miss her.

  373. My mom is by no means a bitch, but she is not exactly the nurturing type either. She has joked, in a way that’s not really joking, that if she had to do it all over again, she would switch places with my dad. She would go to work and he could stay home with us kids. We all would have been happier that way — especially her.

  374. My mom is crazy.

  375. My mom is my best friend. She’s currently camping in the mountains, with no cell phone service, and I am not coping well without our usual four or five phone calls a day.

  376. My mom can sew like the dickens. She could sew the hell out of anything you put in front of her. I can’t. And that sucks

  377. my mom is some kind of superhero/saint, living with her own mother to take care of her. this is a woman of much inner fortitude.

  378. Love, compassion, charity, faith, good cookies.

  379. My mom grew up poor in a small southern town and built a career as a banking executive – in the 60s & 70s, no less – by virtue of her intelligence, diligence and ethics. I’d so love to hear her thoughts about the subprime mortgage fiasco now, but she’s deep into dementia and doesn’t remember anything about her career, or much else for that matter.

  380. My mom has had a hard life and she is stronger than she knows. I hope and pray that one day she finds a man that will love and respect her like she deserves to be.

  381. My mom is wicked smart and pretty awesome, although I don’t tell her that nearly enough. She got the highest score ever on the Michigan Bar exam and was, for years, one of the only female lawyer in a very stuffy male-dominated corporate law firm. Now she teaches law school and whips the future lawyers of America into shape 🙂

    Sadly, she lives very far away from me, so I don’t get to see her too often.

  382. My mum is so sweet and supportive, and has always encouraged me to explore art in all forms — dance, singing, painting, drawing, collage, poetry. I remember discovering an easel set up in our basement when I was six, and realizing my mum had been painting oil landscapes down there after we went to bed. It delights me that since my brother and I have left home, she has blossomed creatively, taking up music and yoga. I wish she would break out the fine arts supplies again. She also has a huge binder full of poems she has been writing regularly since she was a teenager — four decades worth of material. All to say that I hope I can be like her, and as fun to be around, when I have a child (hopefully sometime in the next five years). Love you, Mum!

  383. My mother died in February ’09 (age 86). She made thousands of Christmas cookies every year, she sold them. We all just took her cookies for granted; it wasn’t until I started making them myself that I bagan to appreciate all the work (and love) that went into her baking.

  384. My mom still fixes my lunch when I’m home.

  385. My mother used to sing in a band, she can play any and every musical intstrument and she used to draw pictures of people. When I was a child she was a hippy who rode on the back of motorcycles and laughed with her head thrown back. Now she is in her 60’s and I am in my 40’s and she doesn’t sing, or draw or ride on the back of motorcycles. But she does still throw her head back when she laughs.

  386. My mom’s awesome and super busy. She’s currently the sole provider for the family and is still the event planner and caretaker she always was. I dig her.

  387. My mom is an interesting person, I don’t even know how to describe her. It’s complex and kind of confusing…

  388. Her favorite color is yellow, and so is mine.

    I inherited her dark hair and eyes, and her favorite color. It’s the extent of what we have in common, and what we can discuss without bickering these days.

    Regardless, I love her; every time I need to be reminded of that, I picture a sun rise and feel grateful we will always at least have that.

  389. As I get older, I start to see my parents as people, rather than figureheads. It has both complicated and enriched my relationship with my mother. It’s been very interesting, to say the least.

  390. i won’t lie, my moms is pretty dope. she says words like “pork” and “bideo” when she wants help setting the table (“oh, fork? not this slab of pork i just got from the freezer?”) or pushing play on the dvd video player. got it? she is korean! yay! and while i am a 30 year old woman, she insists that i never stop calling her mommy and forces me to spend an hour reading the bible with her whenever i visit [even though i insist i can’t read].
    hugs to mom.

  391. My junior year, she became my dance team coach. The school had discontinued funding for the coach’s stipend, so my mom became a substitute teacher so she could take on the job, gratis. I loved the dance team. My participation in a popular kid’s activity evened out my usual school paper and theater and proclivities. But I often resented her role as coach. In my desperate please to be cool, having your mom hanging around wasn’t a plus. I’m sure I let her know that. But now, 20 years later, I think back to how much I loved the dance team. And how my mom packed another two jobs (one monitoring snotty teenagers in denotation and one monitored snotty teenagers in spandex) into an already hectic schedule, just so I could continue to love it. You know, she did that kinda stuff all the time. That kind of support is a pretty big gift, one that I’m proud to have finally learned to appreciate.

  392. My mom told my yesterday I had big fat legs! I just laugh she is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. So you have to Love her.

  393. I love that I can tell my mom about anything and everything in my life. She’s a friend. She’s strong and determined and I admire her so much. I need to stop because I’m going to get all weepy and not be able to write coherently!

  394. My Mom & I have had our ups & downs, but ultimately she’s my best friend.

  395. My Mom is a complicated and very introverted woman. I don’t always know what to say to her, but I love her very much.

  396. My mom is everything that a mom should be and more. I can’t wait to make her a grandma someday – she’ll be just as brilliant at that!

  397. I find I’m becoming her … and that’s not a bad thing!

  398. My Mama is a different soul! I love her very much but she is not the easiest person to get along with!

  399. My mom would double the cookie recipe but only add one package of choc chips. I love choc chip cookies with about 2 choc chips. I couldn’t wait for my kids to experience baking with her, but now she uses the prepared dough from the grocery store.

  400. My mother makes the most wonderful homemade pies. Scratch that–she made the most wonderful pies. Her last homemade pie was a lovely apple pie 6 years ago, when I was dating my now-husband. I was bringing him over to do some handyman fix-its for her. She rewarded him with pie, but once we got engaged, she stopped trying to use great food to bribe him to love me. I’ll make her a pie for Mother’s Day, anyway.

  401. My mom is insecure, but great none the less. She scared the hell out of us as kids and we behaved. I love her.

  402. My mom and I haven’t always had the easiest relationship, but we love each other and the older I get the more I think we understand each other. I can’t really imagine life without her.

  403. My mom is a rockstar, mostly because she raised six kids on a teacher’s salary (my dad’s) and we all still like each other. (Love, in fact.) She inspires me every day, especially on days when I feel like I can’t handle my own (one, so far) child…I remember when I was nine, and my youngest sister had just been born, and my mom had a hormonal teenage girl, two pre-teen daughters, a six year old boy with ADD and two more little girls so close in age they might as well have been twins, and I take a deep breath and think, “I’m my mother’s daughter. If she could do THAT, I can do THIS.” My mom is amazing.

  404. I like to remember my Mom when she was younger. Thin, dark-haired, always with a cigarette in her hand. She loved baseball – wouldn’t go to bed if she could pick up the Dodger game on AM radio (no small feat when living in northern Wisconsin). When my brother and I played in high school, she’d get so anxious she’d nearly make herself sick.
    Now she’s older, greyer, and heavier (the price of giving up smoking). Dodger games/updates are on cable instead of scratchy radio, and her anxiety comes from watching her grandson play. She’s had both knees replaced, and still shovels snow out of her long Wisconsin driveway. She gripes about getting old, but she’s tougher than I’ll ever be.

  405. I live far away from my mom and what I miss most are her hands. She is the most capable person I know, and her hands are always bandaged from her latest cooking/gardening/fixing of something. She is quick to drop everything to focus on the person in front of her, whether her children or someone on the street. And when she focuses, she always reaches out to touch the person on the arm or pat their back or hold their hand. I know many people don’t like to be touched, but when it is my mom, there is such genuine caring in that touch. You know she is listening and you know that she cares. Few people have the ability to focus their love so intently and if there is one trait I wish that I inherited, it would be that one.

    I love my mom.

  406. My mother’s coming over tomorrow for a lavish birthday dinner. Indeed, as I read this, I’m taking a break from preparing some elements of tomorrow’s dinner: the pastry crust, the mushrooms in sherry cream, the tapenade, the herb oil, the crudités. When she sees the table, she’ll laugh and say it’s too much fuss, too much trouble, just too much. Of course, in this one case, she’s just flat wrong.

    And doing this is a lesson I learned from my mother. She’s not overtly sentimental — she can even be a little brusque in emotional matters. (Over and over, we conclude our conversations the same way: I say “Well, buh-bye. I love you!” She responds “Mmm-hmm, bye.”)

    But she does love her kids, and she does show it, just not with words. She often drops off a special little treat, though: a box of those imported cookies I like, or a bunch of my favorite flowers from her garden, or recording an archaeology special she happened to notice on cable… little treats, little gestures, little ways of saying “I love you” without actually having to say it.

  407. I love my mom, but most of the time I feel like I am the parent instead of vice versa. She constantly makes irresponsible decisions; mainly about her relationships and her finances. She is losing her house and will probably going to have to move into my house soon because she will have no place else to go. But, I try to be optomistic and hope that maybe that the extra time together will bring us closer.

  408. Aw, my mom’s so nice! She watches my baby so I can finish grad school and cleans my house while she does so. She’s a winner.

  409. When I think about my mom, I remember how much fun she always made things. She’s a tom-boy and not the least bit ashamed of it. She taught me to fly fish, tie knots, make fires and love camping. And no matter what I do, she’ll always love me. I can’t think of a better Mom.

  410. Ah, my mom. daughters and moms have such *interesting* relationships, don’t we?
    My mom had me when she was just 16. My dad turned 17 the week before I was born. They quickly married when it was discovered she was pregnant and those wedding photos still choke me up. This little girl, looking far younger that I looked at 16, faced with things she really had no capacity to understand. She lived a fairly sheltered life, my grandfather religious and a cop… My Dad’s parents were probably just happy to have one of the four boys out of the house so early.
    But they married and had a little apartment in a sad little complex with hand-me-down furniture. I was raised in love, but wearing thrift store clothes and playing with thrift-store toys.
    How my mom and dad finished high school (my mom a year EARLY) I’ll never know. When I got to school age, she went back and got a college degree and a bit of the “youth” she lost so early. (I distinctly my mom and her two college friends “going to the city” for night at the gay bars and clubs)
    My mom worked her ass off, getting degrees and working in a field that made her a great living. (and don’t get me started on my dad. do this for father’s day and you’ll really be impressed!)
    We ended up growing up together, my mom took me and my friends to concerts not just because she was chaperoning, but because she wanted to see David Bowie too. We took treks to Chinatown, Flea markets, antique stores, craft shows…

    And now I’m a mom, with a 6-yr-old and one on the way. I’m at the age where she was when I was TWENTY. And I have a bit of jealousy, not because I wanted to be a teen mom, but because she’s 51 and she’s a grandmother – she has so much time left to enjoy life without the responsibility of littles.

    The best part is that my parents are still married. 36 years through some of the toughest things a couple can face and they make it work. they truly defeated the odds.

  411. My mom is a great bowler. As in, State Tournament great. It was the one Thing she had while raising three kids with a mostly absent (second shift-working, all day sleeping) husband. Man, she could bowl.

    Also? She sneaks chocolate chip cookies whenever she’s over at my house, and brings her granddaughters ridiculous gifts she picks up at St. Vincent de Paul because “you can’t leave it SIT there when it’s only marked 50 cents!”

  412. My mom taught me the basics of cooking for which I (and my kids/husband) am eternally grateful. I have since realized just how lucky I am after suffering through meals at so many other homes. I think I need to call her now and thank her 🙂

  413. She gave me a spot in which to garden, and 35 years or so later all I basically want to do is garden. If I am randomly selected, that camera goes to her.

  414. She failed as a mother, but is the best grandmother I could ever imagine.

  415. My mom drove a Dodge Shadow and didn’t take a vacation for five years to send me to college. She can’t conjugate a verb, but made sure I can.

  416. My mom is a champ. enough said. [=

  417. I think about regret, mostly. Regret that we were never able to work out our relationship, and regret that she isn’t around (she died, of breast cancer, at age 63, eighteen years ago).

  418. When I was a teenager my friends would joke about my mother’s driving because she would chat with my freinds in the back seat, turn her head to look at them and veer off the side of the road. I am pretty sure she never hit anything. Despite that my mother is my best advocate, she always has my back. Now she is an advocate for my daughters so when they think I am too mean, they tearfully go to their Nana and she will always be understanding and never mean.
    Thanks to moms!

  419. When my mom was a teen, she was offered a professional softball contract. This was unutterably cool to me when I heard about it…even if I didn’t even know there were professional softball teams EVER.

  420. Unselfish. My mom would do anything for her family. If she can’t, she feels guilty. Guess mommy guilt continues for life? Greeeeaaat.

  421. My mother is the calmest, warmest, most laid back person I know. She knows me inside and out, and is the first one to sniff out my drama and tell me the calm the F**(^! down. I’d be a basket case without her.

  422. My mom loves me unconditionally. I never really understood that until I had a child of my own. It’s an amazing thing.

  423. My mom is so great that it doesn’t really bother me that I’m turning into her!

  424. My mom says what is on her mind. On the rare occasions when she tries to hold back her opinion, it is as plain as day on her face!

  425. I saw my mom get mad at an inept Wells Fargo customer service rep last month. She stayed angry all day; perhaps she’s cooled off by now. Of course I saw her get angry once in a while when I was growing up, but now that I’m a mother myself – boy howdy! Her anger style and my younger son’s anger style are EXACTLY THE SAME. She’s 73. He’s 23. Both are Libras. It was a revelation that helped me understand each better.

  426. she died when i was 5. i miss her, i think. i miss the idea of her more.

  427. My mom went back to school and studied philosophy when I was nine. One day I came home from school and my mom had completely disassembled the vacuum cleaner – the parts were strewn all over the floor. When I asked her if it was broken she said, “No, I just needed to take it apart. Vacuums I can understand … each part is either in the right place or the wrong place. It’s black and white. I just don’t know what to do with Kierkegaard … he’s all grey.” My nine year old self stepped over the vacuum pieces and got a snack. But, to be fair, I don’t know if anyone knows what to do with Kierkegaard!

  428. My mom is the best golfer I know and quite the computer wiz — and she’s almost 82! I love her more than anything!

  429. My mom is constantly battling illness. Also, she seems to enjoy battling the rest of the world.

  430. Unconditional love- that’s what she taught me.

  431. Wow, there’s a lot I could say about my mom. I think what exactly I have to say will always vary depending on what our recent conversation or interaction was. (Hi, grammar police, please rephrase that last sentence.) Let’s just say this…my mom’s hobby is ME. And my sister. But thank God there’s a grandbaby now to shift some of the focus.
    I love her. I do. I promise.
    And she loves me; even when I don’t call.

  432. Saintly. That’s my mom. She put up with alot of crap from her two ungrateful brats. Now? I’m a mom and I finally SEE! I hope to be even half the mother she is in the raising of my little boy.

  433. Mom’s one of those strong independent single women, content living alone, sharing her life with friends and family. Since my divorce, she’s one of the big reasons I’ve been happy to live alone, in no hurry to have either a live-in boyfriend or a husband. Sisters are doing it for themselves!! And go Mom!

  434. My mother is my best friend. Through and through, thick and thin. I love her with all my heart.

  435. First Mother’s Day without my mom

  436. Some people simply cannot understand a word my mother says because she has quite thick Filipino accent. I think it’s hilarious when people get pie eyes and nod and smile and try to look engaged when Mother is talking—that’s a huge indicator of “I can’t understand you, but I don’t want to be rude because you are just cute little old Filipino woman!” hahahaha!!

  437. My mom always said that she wanted every one of us six kids. She had a reason for loving every one of us. I always marveled at that. No mistakes. No regrets. I miss her a lot.

  438. My mom raised four kids with what was probably undiagnosed (and therefore untreated) manic depression. My worldview was shaped by her highs and lows. In my adult life, I have struggled to disentangle my identity from hers. Finding myself in the middle of my childbearing years, I also find myself weaving my way back to her in odd ways. What a beautiful mess our lives have been. What a gift to know I can start a new one from scratch…

  439. There is a whole ocean between my mom and I and that keeps the waters smooth.

  440. My Mom lived to paint….she had five children and three husbands and I wish she could have chucked us all and gone to France to live and paint in a Paris loft. I would like to believe she is painting in heaven. I miss you, Mom.

  441. When I think of my mom I think of the napkin fairy dance. Whenever we were eating something and we didn’t have a napkin my mom would grab a few and do leaps and bows dancing around the room giving them to us. It never failed to be funny! I also think of her roller coaster laugh. Different from her everyday laugh, this laugh would start quiet and as she had more fun it would become louder and louder until everyone was laughing because of it. I guess when I think of my mom, I laugh.

  442. My mom likes flowers and gardening. When we were kids she always wanted to go get annuals to plant on Mother’s Day. We always complained and made the day miserable. Now I wish we had been more enthusiastic and made Mother’s Day nice. Uplifting story!

  443. My mom is a complete weirdo, but I love her.

  444. My mom just died recently, and I’m doing fine–except I can’t believe I’ll never touch her again.

  445. I am 51 years old and still bragging to anyone within hearing distance that my mom makes the best meatballs. Ever.

  446. My mom is an awesome tap dancer.

  447. My mom is the most understanding, acceptable woman I know. If I killed someone, she would tell me that she was sure they deserved it. I know she unconditionally loves me, it’s a great gift.

  448. oops, I mean accepting! 😉

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